XYC-II All Digital Colorimeter

    The XYC-II All Digital Colorimeter is based on all digital integral photometric and colorimetric measurement technology. It has no analogue unit, thus it is very simple to overcome the zero drift which is impossible to be avoided in current colorimeter. The digital X(l),Y(l),Z(l) sensor has large dynamic range so that there is no range-changing error in it, moreover, it possesses strong anti-interference ability and high accuracy.
    The XYC-II All Digital Colorimeter contains internal RS232 computer interface, the calibration is done by software. It is suitable for monitoring and remote applications.
    The XYC-II All Digital Colorimeter software can calibrate the instrumentation, sample the data through RS232 interface and print out the results. it can also be calibrated by other standard light sources to obtain very high measuring accuracy of x,y color coordinate and color temperature. It is a real-time measuring system and run under Windows98/NT.

  The XYC-II All Digital Colorimeter has two types, Fig.1 can give illuminance value in addition, and Fig.2 can give luminous flux value.


    High speed measurement for  luminous flux, correlated color temperature etc. of incandescent lamp, halogen lamp, CFL, HID, LED, LCD screen




  • Luminous flux: (1m integrating sphere)
    稲elative spectral sensitivity error of digital V(l) sensor: f1<?.5%
    稤ynamic range: 0.1-50,000 lm
    稟ccuracy: <?%
    稴ensitivity: 0.001 lm
    稲epeatability: 0.001 lm

  • Color Coordinate x, y, u, v, u', v': (Luminous flux>1 lm)
    穢, y: ?.002 (CIE Standard Source A, 500 lm)
    稲epeatability: ?.0005 (CIE Standard Source A)

  • Color Temperature: (Luminous flux>5 lm) 
    稤ynamic range: 1350 ~ 25000K 
    稴ensitivity: 1 K
    稟ccuracy: ?0K (CIE Standard Source A, 500 lm)

  • Others:
    稯ne range, no range-changing error
    稵emperature effect: -0.1%/癈
    稲efreshing frequency: 1n/s( >=5 lm), 1n/3s( <5 lm )
    ?28*64 lattice LCD display
    稲S232 computer interface and software
    稤ata hold function
    稰ower supply: 9V battery 
    稴ize(L譝譎): 135?2?3(mm)

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