XYL-XI High Speed Photometric and Colorimetric Measurement System(Backward)

    XYL-XI High Speed Photometric and Colorimetric Measurement System is a brand new instrumentation developed by Xinye Opto-electronic Engineering Co.,Ltd.. This instrumentation measures various light parameters of projectors, especally for self-adjust on the product line of projectors. It is suitable for measurement of screen luminance,  uniformity, contrast, color coordinates and color temperature.
    The instrumentation prestore the Standard A and D65 source file. According to users' need, it is convenient to save the standard source up to users. The instrumentation can correct the spectrum parameter error of the detectors automatically, according to various reference light.
    The software runs under the operating system of Windows 98/NT/XP. It can show  the  record of sampling data or histogram. It can print sampling data or output to Microsoft Excel. It can communicate with the computer by RS232 and is suitable for measurement and monitor of screen parameters online.


   LCD TV , LED/LCD screen measurement, 9 point luminance measurement , colorimetric parameter measurement.


  • Dynamic range: 0-1000cd/m2

  • Sensitivity: 0.05%(Max range)

  • Accuracy: <?%

  • nonlinear error: ?%

  • Temperature: 0-50 oC

  • Sensors: No.1-9 sensors are the V(λ) sensors, No.5, 10, 11 sensors are the color sensors

  • Relative spectral sensitivity of digital V(λ)sensor<?.5%

  • Providing correcting function of color temperature

  • Calculating luminous flux and other parameters automatically and quickly 

  • Refresh frequency: 3times/s

  • Power supply: 220V AC

  • Communication with the computer by RS232 interface

  • Weight: 3kg

  • Guarantee: 1year

  • Accessary:  User's guide, Software

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